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U.S. Small Business Needs to Re-Open


U.S. small business owners are asking themselves, where do I start to make preparations to rebound from this pandemic? As positive results appear to be stabilizing, states are beginning to phase in the re-opening of their economies.

No one has a sure-fire answer to get everyone back on their projected paths for 2020. The lasting impact the pandemic has made to our way of life remains to be seen. In the meantime, here are five things you can begin to do in order to steer your small business in the right direction.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Here in the U.S., small business owners and their staff need to take the necessary precautions stressed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Protect yourself by wearing a mask and gloves and washing your hands consistently. It is easy to take these suggested measures seriously if we are aware of how often we’re in contact with COVID-19 contaminated surfaces. Most importantly, try and stay mentally and physically strong. Stress increases your chance of illness, so avoid try to minimize it.

Stay Informed

Knowledge is power! While we are largely powerless over our circumstances and results, education is our best weapon. As a U.S. Small business owner you need to stay current on what is happening in your region. As a leader, staying on top of the newest releases can be overwhelming, but necessary. Your team and clients may look to you for information on how they or their business can be supported. Reliable sources such as the CDC, your state Department of Health, and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) are worth bookmarking.

Safety First

Employees are going to want assurance that they are working in a safe and sterile environment. Consider how you will incorporate disinfecting measures prior to your team’s return and on a regular basis. All surfaces throughout your facility should be thoroughly disinfected to confirm COVID-19 does not exist. Incorporate continual risk mitigation techniques that will reduce exposure. 

This type of treatment needs to be thorough and beyond a regular janitorial cleaning. Inquire about the EPA listing, effectiveness, type, and the dwell time of the products they use. Confirm the disinfectant is safe for the contents within your space. Make sure there will not be a residue left behind or harsh fumes that could cause respiratory issues. It is important to use providers that have experience and training dealing with bio-hazard situations and infectious/communicable diseases. Some opportunistic individuals might see a chance to make a rapid shift or diversify their business services. Cleaning companies that performs regular bio-hazard cleanup services may be preferable

Communication is Crucial

When normal operations will continue depends on your individual state. Clear communication is as important now as it was before. Continue to develop the relationships you have invested time building, prior to this pandemic. During these times, how we relate to each other and stay connected is fundamental. Everyone wants to know that they are not alone.  Solidarity in the face of adversity is what we need.

Do Not Fear Change

Uncertainty is an opportunity for you to be creative. Allow yourself to think outside of the box, or better yet, get rid of the box. Create a shift focusing on untraditional ways to operate and serve your clients. Maybe this is a great time to make changes? Take this time to update outdated procedures.

Most importantly, take this time to really think about the end result you are working towards. Create a map that identifies your target. This doesn’t have to be a detailed plan. Focus on the direction you are going rather than the specific details. Seize this time to get clear on the results you will focus on. 

U.S. small business is our nation’s backbone. Through commitment, action, and perseverance we can adapt and thrive. History has shown that from great adversity opportunities arise. Without you, the U.S. small business owner healthy and safe, your business is a ship at sea in a storm without its captain. Your family, your employees, and your country need you! We can help get you affordable financing to restock, resupply and get back to business. APPLY or CALL


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