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How to Avoid Small Business Burnout

As a small business owner, sometimes it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders with no end in sight. Here are tips to promote wellness and productivity and avoid SMB burnout.

From Manta

By Brooke Preston, Manta Contributor – October 26, 2018

 Running a small business can be exciting and delightful. But as many suffer from tight budgets, long hours and the wearing of many hats, day-to-day management can also be quite stressful. And while everyone may suffer through the occasional busy season or short-staffed stint, more chronic burnout can lead to lower productivity, lethargic sales, and an eventual loss of passion for your business and its goals.

Coupled with the United States’ lack of guaranteed time off (the only developed economy in the world without it) and our culture’s tendency to check email and accomplish work tasks even during personal time, this represents a recipe for mental and physical exhaustion.

Here are three simple tips to help small busy business owners avoid damaging burnout:

1. Plan days off and vacations into your schedule

We all know someone who brags about how little time they take off work. But the reality is that occasional vacations actually help in the long run with everything from productivity to creativity. Plan ahead to plan and protect days off and vacations. Honor your time off by avoiding any work tasks that aren’t absolute emergencies. Most tasks can be temporarily put off or delegated with a little planning!

2. Eat meals away from your workspace

62 percent of the American workforce admits to eating lunch at their desk at least some of the time, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. Sitting all day at a desk creates a major energy slump in the short term, and exacerbates a range of health risks in the long-term. Get up, get some fresh air, socialize, and enjoy a change of scenery. You’ll return feeling more engaged and focused (and you won’t have gross crumbs in the keyboard or an office that smells like old burritos).

3. Get plenty of sleep

It may sound simple or cliché, but study after study have proven that getting adequate sleep is key to health and happiness. Even (especially!) during peak stress seasons at your business, commit to turning off the screens a bit earlier and tucking in for as close to 7-9 hours of sleep as possible. You’ll get more done in less time if your mind and body are rested and able to perform at peak levels. If your schedule allows, build in a brief nap during the workday.

December 18, 2018