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Case Studies

Family Owned Restaurant

This family poured their heart and soul into their restaurant, only to be on the verge of closing due to massive debt. Here’s how we helped…

Transportation Company

MCA loans and credit card debt plagued this transportation company. Read how we re-routed them…

Plumbing Contractor

This plumber’s hopes of acquiring a competitor had come to a screeching halt with their traditional bank. Here’s how we fixed the issue…

Fishing Charter Business

Speed was an issue for the captain of this fishing charter, until he hooked up with us.

Gymnastics School

This gymnastics school was underwater from mounting MCA loan fees. We helped them get a grip on debt.

Software Company

MCA loans, taxes and a high rate commercial mortgage threatened to blacklist this software provider. We stepped in to help.

Auto Repair Shop

The owner of this auto repair shop was severely in the red from his numerous MCA loans. We pulled up and pulled him out of debt.

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