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Business Debt Settlement Services

Business Debt Settlement including cash advance positions.
Business debt piling up? Let us help!

Business debt killing your cash flow? Restructure it now.

Business debt like high cost term loans and merchant cash advance positions have become the go-to financing for most small businesses. With the fast funding and the ever-present account rep to work with you, these companies have made it very easy for business to access capital. If you are reading this, then you already know where the story ends.

Daily payments crush your cash flow

Business Debt Settlement

Bills can bury your business cash flow.

Stay focused on what you do best,

and let us do what we do best!

Unexpected circumstances and unforeseen events can wreak havoc on the best laid plans. As a result, finances get out of control. We understand and we can help. Our Debt Settlement Services Division will consolidate and restructure all your delinquent and defaulted business debts into an affordable payment. Whether it is multiple merchant cash advance positions, outstanding factors, delinquent suppliers, or any high cost business loan program, we can help you!

How does it work?

Our program is very different from others like it. Companies require you to come up with large sums of money that, if you could, well then you likely wouldn’t need anyone to call your creditors and make them an offer. Some companies charge you a monthly fee to manage your payments to all your creditors, ultimately costing you more money and leaving you at the mercy of what the creditor tells the payment agency what you are required to pay.

Well we do things VERY different! With our debt settlement program you get:

  • A new, affordable payment plan that will not cripple your cash flow and is based on your business’ current financial condition.
  • All legal action against you stops! We have an attorney on staff that will represent you as part of the process.
  • Allow us to purchase your outstanding debt with our money! We do not ask you to come up with an unattainable chunk of cash to settle your debts. We fund it for you!
  • Need additional working capital to get your business back on its feet? We can help. Ask your Account Manager for additional details.

Apply for Business Debt Settlement Services

Preserve your personal and business credit. Don’t wait until the aggressive collection calls from the merchant cash advance companies and fintech lenders start! A lack of affordable options for financing in the past should not define the future of what you worked your whole life for. We can help!

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